Voiko antaa ennen kuin on saatu?
Voiko rakastaa ennen kuin on rakastettu?
Voiko vähällä rakkaudella rakastaa paljon?
Vai onko kaikki annettu mitä mulla on?

Olenko velkaa? Annatko anteeksi
sen minkä varastin, revin vain kappaleiksi?
Pistin palasiksi, järjestelin omaksein.
Ja nyt huudan mun nimee vaikka senkin vein.

Tunnen sen.
Tunnen sen.

Loose translation:

Can one give before they has been given?
Can one love before they’ve been loved?
Can one love a lot with a small amount?
Or has everything been given to me that I have?

Am I in debt? Can you forgive me
what I stole, ripped in pieces?
Cut into bits, ordered again to be my own.
And now I shout my name, even though I took that too.

I feel it.
I feel it.


from So It Has Come To This EP, released October 28, 2016



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Jukio "Kuabee" Kallio Finland

Jukio Kallio, also known as Kuabee (formerly Kozilek.)

Lofi electronic music and soundtracks from Helsinki, Finland.

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