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by Jukio Kallio




Due to recent news regarding more videogame industry veterans using their power to hurt and abuse I have decided to donate all income from the BandCamp release of Noblivion soundtrack to the Finnish Naisten Linja ry. Naisten Linja (Women's Line) is a phone line and chat meant for every woman and girl suffering from abuse, threats or fear.

This means all the money that you pay or have paid until now for Noblivion soundtrack on BandCamp, minus what BandCamp (15%) and Paypal (around 5%) takes. I will also donate €100 on top of the sales. This charity run will go until end of the year 2019. Payment will happen as soon as possible after new year's eve. After the charity run Noblivion soundtrack will be given out for free.

The Noblivion soundtrack is very much inspired by Jeremy Soule, who's under accusations for rape. If we don't believe these brave women who have the courage to come out about something so serious, who will? If we really want to make our industry a better place for everyone, what can we do? The thing I can do right now against something so serious is having empathy. Empathy towards the abused. I will stand with the abused. I will stand against any and all abuse. This means I can't be silent when something like this happens. We as an industry have to be clear that we will not tolerate any kind of abuse.

I decided to donate to Naisten Linja ry as they're local to me and they seem to have their phone lines busy to the point of people not getting through. They're also clear on their (Finnish) website that they welcome trans women. They also seem to be active in talking with politicians in Finland to make things better for abused women and how things are handled with serious situations like abuse. Amnesty also directs to call Naisten Linja for Finnish women. You can read more at www.naistenlinja.fi/en/ We can't forget that men gets abused in our industry too. But Naisten Linja seemed the best Finnish place to give a donation to. They work all around the country and they are in need of monetary help.

It is for every one of us to decide for themselves how they will act when something like this comes to light. This is my answer today.

Thank you for listening and for your donation,
Jukio Kallio


An alternative soundtrack

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released May 2, 2019

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jukio Kallio


all rights reserved



Jukio Kallio Finland

Japan-born Finnish composer and singer-songwriter Jukio Kallio makes music that leaps between intimate minimal pop to life affirming ambient compositions and diverse world-building soundtracks.

Kallio's widely recognized distinct sound in video games and prolific personal production hails from his cozy studio in a corner of a small forest in Helsinki.
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